School Improvement Councils (SICs) serve the school principals and faculty in an advisory role, bringing together parents, educators, students, and community stakeholders to collaborate on the improvement of their school. SICs are mandated by law to exist in every public school in South Carolina. Over 15,000 people, consisting of elected parents, teachers and students, appointed community members and other volunteers, and school administrators serve on 1,164 SICs in the Palmetto State.


School Improvement Councils:

  • Assist in the development of the school’s five year improvement plan
  • Assist the school in monitoring and evaluating the plan’s implementation and help to update the plan each year
  • Write the Annual Report to Parents-released by April 30 of each year to the school community
  • Advise on the spending of incentive funds awarded to the school
  • Advise on the revision of the school improvement plan if the school is rated “At-Risk” on their school report card

Parents of students in the school, teachers, and students in grades 9 – 12 are elected to the SIC by their peers.


Meeting Notes:

RBHS SIC Agenda 9-20-16 (2)

RBHS SIC Minutes 9-20-16 (2)


RBHS SIC Minutes 10-18-16 (2)

RBHS SIC Agenda 11-15-16 (3)

RBHS SIC Minutes 11-15-16 (3)

RBHS SIC Minutes 2-21-17 (3)

RBHS SIC Agenda 3-21-17

RBHS SIC 16-17 Annual Report to Parents

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