Schoology is our new, fully functional, Learning Management System. Schoology provides administrators, teachers, students, and parents a hub of learning. The LMS allows for the distribution, collection, and organization of materials, assignments, and events.* It also provides a common platform for communication between teachers and students as well as teachers and parents. All faculty and students have accounts created for them. A parent account can be set up in Schoology using a Parent Access Code. Once a parent has an account they can see information for all of the courses in which their child is enrolled. Items for viewing include: class materials, assignments that are upcoming, assignments that have been submitted, as well as feedback and communication between the student and his/her teachers. Below you will see links to pages with Schoology assistance resources for Parents, Students, and Teachers.

Parents          Students          Teachers

*PowerSchool is still the place to check for official grade and attendance information

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