RBHS Flex Mod Schedule

River Bluff’s Innovative Flex Mod Schedule was updated in 17-18 to consist of a school day with 22 – 20 minute modules (mods) of time.  Each day of the week is comprised of combinations of the classes into 9 paths of instruction to encompass the entire school day.  The schedule consists of a five day cycle that repeats 36 times.  Each course meets 11 mods a week with one mod of dedicated support time called Gator Time.  The remaining mods of time within a student’s schedule that is not scheduled into face to face instruction is Independent Learning Time (ILT).  Read below for more specific detail on ILT and Flex Mod Scheduling.

The link below is the 16-17 document with textual information about Flex Mod Scheduling.

2017-2018 River Bluff High School Template

Flex Mod Overview 16-17




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