Flexible Modular (FLEX MOD) Scheduling

River Bluff’s Innovative Flexible Modular (FLEX MOD) Schedule consists of a school day with 25 modules (mods) of time consisting of either 10 or 30 minute mods.  Each day of the week is comprised of combinations of the classes into 8 Paths of instruction to encompass the entire school day.  The schedule consists of a five day cycle that repeats 36 times.  Each course (1 credit) meets 210 minutes a week within one path distributed into one of two phases (A or B) of instruction meeting either three days (B Phase) a week or four days (A Phase) a week.  The remaining mods of time within a student’s schedule that is not scheduled into face to face instruction is Independent Learning Time (ILT).  C1 and C2 within the middle band of our schedule are where students meet in their grade level CREWs.

If you are a part of a school or school district who would like to visit River Bluff High School to learn more about our FLEX MOD Schedule please connect with our Data Management Specialist – Margaret Ann White at mawhite@lexington1.net or 803-821-0707.

The new template for the 19-20 Flexible Modular Schedule is below.

Why Flex Mod?

Successful Outcomes for Students (Independent Learning Time – ILT)

Trust is built by allowing students to make independent choices about academic work; students become self – directed decision makers
Spirit of collaboration amongst peers and with teachers
Access to (multiple) teachers in real time during the school day
Ability to complete some work during the time with access to teachers and peers
Managing non-instructional appointments (counseling, iPad technology) without interrupting class time

Successful Outcomes for Teachers (Independent Learning Time – ILT)

Trust is built by scheduling every teacher time to work with course specific collaborative teams during the school day in schedule mods of collaborative planning
Spirit of collaboration amongst peers within other departments
Access to (multiple) students in real time during the school day
Managing non-instructional appointments (IEPs and 505s) without interrupting class time

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