Habits Of Scholarship

River Bluff High School

Habits of Scholarship

Work hard.

Personal Responsibility

I manage my time by prioritizing and completing tasks and assignments on time.

I come to class prepared.

I use Independent Learning Time to enhance my academic performance.

Growth Mind-set

I persevere in my work until I reach the goal (I stay on task).

I seek appropriate resources for support when I encounter challenges.

I take academic risks and try new things.

I analyze my work and revise it based on feedback from peers and adults.

Collaboration and Relationships

I share my ideas with and learn from others.

I treat everyone with kindness and respect.


Get smart.


I take time to do my work with attention to accuracy, detail, integrity, and craftsmanship.

I use formative and summative assessment data to achieve academically.

I challenge myself to accomplish difficult and complex tasks.


Do good.


I participate in civil discourse and value multiple perspectives.

I leave no trace.

I work to maintain the integrity of River Bluff High School as a student and alumnus.

I recognize areas of need in both my school and community, and act in some capacity to meet those needs.

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