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RBHS students have taken part in many Green Steps projects over the past three years of River Bluff school history. We began the inaugural year of 2013, with a Leave No Trace campaign to make sure that the students, faculty, and staff keep the building and school grounds clean. As the year progressed we added more and more projects. We have begun a recycling program that utilizes every student in our high school. We successfully recycled the more than any other high school in the district.
Our Environmental Science students experimented with compost and created school compost bins. We made reused art, recycled seed paper, pathos can plants, a gator eye mural with reused bottle caps, storm drain tagged, and made rain barrels. We adopted a high way and cleaned our school grounds. RBHS also did a plant, bird, soil, ozone, and air survey of school campus as well as a macro/micro-invertebrate, and study of the Lower Saluda River, wetlands, and Rawls Creek.
River Bluff has created a beekeeping program and have started two bee hives. The bee products will be sold in our school store. A new project started this year is a school garden built with leftover bricks from the school building itself. The students researched and planned out how to use our rain barrels to make our garden as self-sustaining as possible. Next year we are going to add tow hydroponic gardens to our classroom and a solar powered greenhouse.
If you want to find out more about these projects or to be a part of future projects please call 803-821-0888 or email Amy Price at

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