CREW (Creating Relationships Exploring Within)

All students and teachers are part of CREW.  CREW directs the course of learning – literally taking the wheel. As with a crew on a ship, students will not just be “along for the ride.”  They are responsible for where the journey leads.  Through teamwork students not only grow as learners, but as a people too.

Students are part of an 18-20 student “CREW” that meets each day throughout the school year. CREW experiences are supervised by a CREW LEADER.  CREW LEADERs facilitate daily activities but do not drive them.  In CREW, all have leadership opportunities as part of a team.

The purpose of CREW is to help develop life skills including confidence, responsibility, respect, honesty, communication, and personal and academic drive. It provides students with a safe place to explore, share, create, make mistakes, reflect, learn, prepare, and celebrate.  The small size of CREW helps students connect with their CREW LEADER and fellow classmates on a personal and positive level.  Forming bonds and relationships build community and guide overall academic success at River Bluff High School.

During CREW time, students work on:

➢    Building relationships

➢    Strengthening literacy

➢    Providing service

➢    Exploring adventure and fitness opportunities

➢    Preparing for college or post-secondary careers

➢    Handling school business

Students are not passengers; in CREW students are part of a family that re-defines what it means to be a learning community that truly supports and challenges one another at River Bluff High School.

At River Bluff, WE are CREW

CREW Case Study Questions

9th Grade- Who am I?

10 Grade – Where am I now?

11th Grade – Where am I going?

12th Grade – How can I become a better local to global citizen?

RBHabits Revised 6-9-14 (2)


Rating Rubric for CREW (2)

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