CREW (Creating Relationships Exploring Within)

All students and teachers are part of CREW.  CREW directs the course of learning – literally taking the wheel. As with a crew on a ship, students will not just be “along for the ride.”  They are responsible for where the journey leads.  Through teamwork students not only grow as learners, but as a people too.

Students are part of an 18-20 student “CREW” that meets each day throughout the school year. CREW experiences are supervised by a CREW LEADER.  CREW LEADERs facilitate daily activities but do not drive them.  In CREW, all have leadership opportunities as part of a team.

The purpose of CREW is to help develop life skills including confidence, responsibility, respect, honesty, communication, and personal and academic drive. It provides students with a safe place to explore, share, create, make mistakes, reflect, learn, prepare, and celebrate.  The small size of CREW helps students connect with their CREW LEADER and fellow classmates on a personal and positive level.  Forming bonds and relationships build community and guide overall academic success at River Bluff High School.

During CREW, students work on:

➢    Building relationships

➢    Strengthening literacy

➢    Providing service

➢    Exploring adventure and fitness opportunities

➢    Preparing for college or post-secondary careers

➢    Handling school business

Students are not passengers; in CREW students are part of a family that re-defines what it means to be a learning community that truly supports and challenges one another at River Bluff High School.

At River Bluff, WE are CREW.


Vision Statement

CREW is family. We start in a circle. We end in a circle. Regardless of our differences, we stand together.

The CREW experience provides both academic and emotional support. With the guidance of a CREW Leader, CREW gives you a safe space to explore, share, create, make mistakes, reflect, learn, prepare, encourage, and celebrate.

The purpose of CREW is to help you develop life skills including: confidence, responsibility, respectful honesty, communication, personal and academic drive, and the desire for understanding.

CREW promotes true connections between members, and guests are treated as members.

At River Bluff, CREW is home.  WeAreCREW.


CREW Case Study Questions

9th Grade – Who am I?

10 Grade – Where am I now?

11th Grade – How do I get to where I want to go?

12th Grade – How can I become a active local to global citizen?

Important Documents Regarding CREW

CREW Rating Rubric

CREW Rating Explanation

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