Media Arts, Design and Production

 The Center for Media Arts, Design, and Production at River Bluff High School offers students the opportunity to craft works that link technological skill to their creative energies. The Center offers experiences in music technology and recording, television and video production, technical theater and digital photography. The Center is open to all juniors and seniors in Lexington One. Students spend a total of a half day within the Center each semester. Students and faculty collaborate with each other and with other professionals on projects that are shared in a variety of venues inside and outside of RBHS. Students also develop practical skills applicable to almost any career including: critical analysis, research, teamwork, flexibility, perseverance, and the ability to meet deadlines. The relationship between the fine arts, technology and business, as well as the creative collaboration required to be successful in the Media Arts, Design and Production industries, are at the core of students’ experiences in this Center for Advanced Study.

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Click here for 2014-2015 Center for Media Arts Student Showcase

Carlee Myers – Lead Teacher for Center – Digital Photography

Jason Ignet – Television and Video Production  Teacher

Aaron Railey – Music Technology and Recording Teacher

Josh Hinkel – Music Technology and Recording Teacher

Jason Ignet – Fluid Design Honors

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