Career and Technology Education

River Bluff High School offers a full array of Career and Technology Education courses to include: Health Science, Engineering, Architecture, Marketing, Advertising, Web Page Design, Media Arts and Technology, Personal Finance and Accounting.

How do I contact my student’s CATE Teacher?

Teacher Name Phone Number Email Address
Carol Lynn Nute 821-0920
TJ Watkins 821-0973
 Jason Ignet  821-0915
Monica Powell 821-0834
Rick Tillmon 821-0924
Brock Synder 821-0889
 Mark Drag  821-0814
Jon Barnhart 821-0816
Angie Diaz 821-0926
Patricia Gates 821-0927
Scott Ganucheau 821-0847
Alissa Nolan 821-0972
 Jason Rauch  821-0816
Shirley Waldy 821-0971


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