Attendance & SEARS Information

The state of South Carolina only allows a student to miss 10 days of school for a yearlong course and 5 days of school for a semester class coded as unexcused (UNX) or parent note (PNT) absence. There are also discipline attendance codes that count against a student’s 5 or 10 day limit such as OSS or CUT. If a student goes over the limit of allowed absences, then he or she will fail the course due to too many absences, even if they are passing the class academically. Medical notes, approved school activities and other excused absences don’t count against this 5 or 10 day limit of absences.

We encourage all guardians to review their student’s attendance by logging into PowerSchool. If you currently don’t have Powerschool login information, you can visit the main office with a valid ID and get the login access to your student’s powerschool information. Feel free to contact your student’s teacher if you have any questions after reviewing their attendance on powerschool.

SEARS is a program that will allow students to earn a few days back by attending a 4 hour session (outside of school hours) for only 1 day to be added back for each session. Each session cost $25. So for example, if a student has 12 absences (yearlong classes), then they will pay $50 and have to attend two separate SEARS sessions in order to get back to 10 absences.

Reading and Interpreting Attendance Information

  1. Correct Way to Count: You can read the attached handout that reviews how to count the attendance properly

Correct Way to  2016

  1. Video: You can view this video too for review. It was made for yearlong courses and the only difference is the 10 absences instead of 5
  2. Example: If a student has several classes over the 10 or 5 day limit they do not serve a session of sears for each day over each class. Each session of SEARS earns day back of absences for all classes.  Basically, the highest number of absences over 10 or 5 for a class is the number of SEARS session a student needs to attend.
Attendance Count Before SEARS


English: 12

Math: 11

Science: 9

Social Studies: 11

Semester Class: 6


The student has 2 absences over the limit of 10 as the highest amount over the limit. The student will serve 2 sessions of SEARS 2  SEARS SESSIONS SERVED

Not 5 sessions for each day over for each class.

2 for English

1 for Math

1 for Social Studies

1 for Electives

New Attendance Count After SEARS


English: 10

Math: 9

Science: 7

Social Studies: 9

Semester Class: 4


2016 Spring SEARS Sessions

 Signing Up for SEARS

  1.  Pick up Yellow Contract SEARS form in the main office or Counseling and Advisement office
  2.  You will need to sign SEARS Contract form along with your guardian(s).
  3. Turn in form and payment to front office
  4. Dates of SEARS:

Location: RBHS (Learning Commons)

___ May 7th (Saturday) – 8:00 am to 12:00pm

___ May 10th (Tuesday) – 4:00 pm to 8:00pm

___May 11th (Wednesday) – 4:00 pm to 8:00pm

___May 12th (Thursday) – 4:00 pm to 8:00pm

___ May 14th (Saturday) – 8:00 am to 12:00pm

SEARS Important Notes:

  1. SEARS is not a credit recovery program. SEARS only helps with excessive absences. You need to maintain a passing grade in order to pass the course.
  2. If you have more than the allowed absences for a course, you will fail the course regardless of your grade (even passing). You will fail due to excessive (a lot) of absences which is coded as “Failure due to absences” (FA).
  3. Each session of SEARS will cost $25.